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Golf is a fantastic game. It is challenging, rewarding, and highly addictive. Here is some advice on how to get into the game.

The First Steps

The first mistake you want to avoid is rushing out and buying yourself a complete set of expensive, shiny golf clubs. The reason for this is that there are so many different clubs to suit all different golfing types and abilities. If you buy a complete, brand new set before you have have discovered your own personal style, you might end up needing to sell the clubs to somebody else at a considerable loss.

If you do want to use your own clubs right from the beginning, just start by buying a half-set. This will include a few irons, perhaps two woods, and a putter.

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A better alternative is to hire clubs from the driving range, so you can try out a few different clubs. You could also borrow clubs from a friend, but remember that clubs are expensive and your friend will not want his or hers to get damaged!

Starting to Play

The first place to go in order to master the art of golf is the driving range. Here you can borrow clubs and practice your swing. This will allow you to develop good technique without destroying the carefully manicured fairway of an 18-hole course, and thereby invoking the wrath of other players. It will also avoid any embarassment if you don’t happen to play like Tiger Woods right from day one. It is probably a good idea to look for a golf instructor, who will be able to help you develop your golf swing.

Once you have developed your "long game", you can head over to the practice putting green, and master the art of putting. This is a very important part of your game, and again you will probably want to find an instructor to give you some tips and advice on your technique.

You will also want to read up on the rules of golf, to make sure that you understand how the game works.

Once your instructor tells you that you are ready, you can head off to the golf course and start to really enjoy the beautiful game of golf! It will help if you have a friend who can play with you, so that you will enjoy the game even more and also start to experience the thrill of competing.

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