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Top 10 Holes

Types of Golf

Stroke Play (Medal Play)

Stroke play is the scoring system for the vast majority of professional golf tournaments.

In stroke play, players record the total number of strokes taken in the entire round of golf. The lowest total score wins. Players’ scores are usually reported in relation to par for easier comparison with other golfers’ scores. For example, a player whose score is three strokes over par after a given hole would appear as "+3" on the scoreboard.

If players are tied after the regulation number of holes in a professional tournament, there is a playoff between all tied players. The playoff is a pre-determined number of holes (anywhere from a single hole to a full round). If players remain tied after the playoff then play continues in sudden death format, with the first player to win a hole outright winning the tournament. Of the four major tournaments, The Masters has a 1-hole playoff, the US Open has an 18-hole playoff, The Open Championship has a 4-hole playoff, and the PGA Championship has a 3-hole playoff. Virtually all regular tournaments employ 1-hole playoffs.

Match Play

Match play is played as a head-to-head knockout competition in most clubs, and is played on a hole to hole basis. The winner is the person who wins the most of the 18 holes during the round, and the game is over when a player has won more holes than there are holes left to play. If the players are tied after 18 holes then the game continues, starting again at the first hole until a winner is established.


Generally speaking, Stabelford is popular with higher handicap golfers because it allows them to play a bad hole and still have the opportunity to score well. When playing Stabelford, there are usually "Gross" prizes and "Nett" prizes.

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The "Nett" is the score taken into account after the deduction of the player’s handicap. The game is also played on a hole by hole basis and the player gets:

*1 point for a Bogey (One over Par)

*2 points for a Par

*3 points for a Birdie (One under Par)

*4 points for an Eagle (Two under Par)

*5 points for an Albatross (Three under Par)

Shotgun Start

This is an 18-hole tournament in which all of the players start at the same time, but from different holes. The start of the tournament is signified by the firing of a shotgun.

Texas Scramble

This is perhaps the best type of golf to play when the skill-level of the players in a group varies significantly. When playing "Texas Scramble", everybody tees off. The captain then selects the best positioned drive, and everyone plays their next shot from that particular spot. This applies even on the putting green, which means that all of the players have an opportunity to contribute to the end result.